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“Without the Bible, world evangelization would not only be impossible, but actually inconceivable!”
— John R.W. Stott.

Since 1971, Bibles For The World has made God’s Word available — free of charge — to millions upon millions of people in more than 110 countries across the globe.

God’s Word, translated into hundreds of local languages, has transformed the hearts and lives of these men, women and children — and impacted their communities for Jesus Christ.

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An invitation from John L. Pudaite, President

You can play a role in transforming people's hearts and lives across the globe -- where they are un-reached or under-reached by the Gospel. Bibles For The World offers many projects and programs through which you can make a difference. Or you can have a direct impact by sponsoring one or more children, students or leaders in India. I hope you'll consider becoming a Partner with Bibles For The World!

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Mr. and Mrs. Elliott sponsor 17 kids in India, which is remarkable in and of itself. But they go above and beyond that - every 5 or 6 weeks, they write individual letters to every single one of their "grandchildren." They include stickers and pictures and ask them questions and tell them stories and encourage them in their faith and their studies.

Because of the Elliotts, 17 lives have been changed. Every one of these precious kiddos knows they are loved and cherished because one couple has chosen to believe in them and to prove that through words and action. They are loving like Jesus, even from a distance.

It inspires us to continue trying to do the same.
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In India, many families can only choose one or two of their kids to send to school because the others are needed for help at home. In most cases, parents choose the boys under the rationale that they will continue to invest in the family later on, while girls are likely to be married off.

Unfortunately, this makes the girls much more susceptible to traffickers who use "good jobs" to try to entice them out of the village life. Traffickers convince them and their families that the city will have more opportunities for them and they offer money far beyond what they could earn in the village.

That's why this new building is a big deal. The girls dorm at the Saiphai School is going to allow 30 girls to go to school--young women who never could have dreamed about that before. They will be given real opportunities to reach their full potential. They will be safe from the allure of traffickers, fully cared for, and provided with resources and education that will ignite their hearts and help them discover their God-given destinies.

The best part? There are tons of ways for YOU to be involved with this project. Visit
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Every patient who comes to Sielmat Hospital might not be fully healed, but every one of them will at least feel fully loved.

Our next medical missions trip is coming up in late October and we'd love to have you join us.
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