Thanks for the Gift of LIGHT!

Response to the need for “gifts of light” in India was overwhelming…  Partner parents and other donors understood the need for solar lanterns to help students in India have light at night for study.  The accompanying photos demonstrate what a difference these simple solar lamps are making already for
the thousands of students enrolled in Bibles For The World’s 30+ Christian schools across northeast India.

THANK YOU to all who participated in this special campaign to provide these most practical Christmas gifts to children and their families.  Also receiving the special gifts were all school staff and administrators, students and staff at Trinity College & Seminary, and the staff at Sielmat Christian Hospital.

Day for the Unreached – May 20, 2018

Pentecost Sunday is the International Day for the Unreached

IDU_LogoBibles For The World is once again part of an alliance of globally focused ministries that is promoting May 20, 2018 as the International Day for the Unreached (IDU).  The intent of IDU is to inform, inspire and mobilize Christians to help reach out to more than 2 billion people around the world who have yet to hear the gospel.

The annual observance is sponsored by the Alliance for the Unreached, a group that includes Reach Beyond, Bibles For The World, Operation Mobilization, Missio Nexus, Mission Network News, Partners InternationalWorld Mission and ZimZam Global.

“Bibles For The World is happy to be involved in calling attention to the billions of people around the globe in desperate need of the good news of Jesus, but who have never heard His name,” said John Pudaite, president and CEO of Bibles For The World.

Each year the Day for the Unreached launches a variety of efforts to raise awareness.  Many major media networks and stations around the country promote the event for weeks leading up to Pentecost Sunday. Pastors around the country are urged to preach sermons on the topic, while small groups focus on Jesus’ command to go to the nations. Individuals have the opportunity to join a 30-day prayer movement, interceding for the salvation of the unreached.

“Last year, we participated in a Facebook broadcast of a 60-minute special program that featured leaders of the Alliance ministries and a special message by author and missions leader David Platt,” Pudaite noted. “Recording artist Phil Stacey was a guest host and provided a mini concert that was really challenging to those who saw the program.”  That program was recorded and is available on Youtube.  Click here to watch Day for the Unreached 2017.

If you’d like to learn more about the plight of unreached peoples or how to get involved, you can download a free Great Commission Action Guide from the website, An abundance of other resources are available at the site, including bulletin inserts, sermon outlines, promotional posters, web banners, videos and radio spots.

Information is also available on the International Day for the Unreached Facebook page at


Turn on the LIGHT for Children in India

You Can Help Provide the Gift of LIGHT to Dispel the Darkness in India!

Turn on the light.  The darkness that shrouds your home at night gives way to the warm glow of a reading lamp — or a nice, shaded table lamp ideal for watching TV.

Light pushes away darkness and the fears that sometimes accompany inky, black nights.

You and I are accustomed to flipping a switch that makes this magic happen every evening when the sun slips below the horizon.  But for the thousands of children attending Bibles For The World’s schools in India — children sponsored by friends like you — their family homes are typically lit by nothing more than a feeble candle or two, or the dim light of a small cooking fire that peeks through the doorway.  If the family is better off than most, a single kerosene lantern might offer comfort from the darkness.  Imagine trying to work — or STUDY! — in those conditions!

While these children’s days are illuminated by the Light of Christ as they study God’s Word in school, their nights at home may be spent in virtual darkness.  Darkness that makes it practically impossible to work on their lessons for school.
Our goal is to improve the value of Christian education for every student in BFTW’s schools in India.  So let’s “turn on the light” for the thousands of sponsored children and their families who can’t afford even one electric light that would make life (and study) so much easier.
Please consider giving an immensely practical Christmas gift this year that will bless children in poverty — and their entire family, as well.

The kids in the photo are holding a solar-powered lamp.  It’s designed to help dispel the darkness in the most rugged and remote locations — which makes it the perfect gift for your child(ren) and his or her family.  Though it may not sound like the most glamorous gift for a needy child, it will be one of the most precious gifts they might ever receive.
Whether lighting up a home or providing light when walking at night, it provides four to eight hours of bright, LED light powered by the sun.  The gift of perpetual, self-renewing light.

To provide one solar-powered lamp costs only $18.00.  So, if you can give just $36 you will “turn on the light” two students and their families.
What a blessing it would be for thousands of families to receive this simple, effective and life-changing gift!

Will you please consider giving this special Christmas gift — and turning on the LIGHT for families in India?

Click Here to Help!


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