Being a Blessing

IMG-20180322-WA0001When the opportunity comes to be a blessing to others, you take it.  Bibles For The World provided such an opportunity to a group of World Racers and a group from Project Cure last week.  The groups combined with staff from Sielmat Christian Hospital to bless the lives of thousands of residents of Churachandpur, a community in northeast India’s Manipur State.  A free Medical Camp was held to provide services and treatments to people in poverty who would, otherwise, be unable to afford medical care.

“We had quite a four-day event,” said John Pudaite, president of Bibles For The World.  “And we’re very grateful for the volunteers both from Project Cure and from World Race who came a very long way to India to help with this outreach.

For a quick look at the impact of this event, please take a look at the video below, prepared by World Racer Bernadette Beacham.


Remembering Billy Graham

Billy Graham in Hampden Stadium

Billy Graham preaches at Hampden Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1955. Photos courtesy of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Bibles For The World joins with millions to mourn the passing of Rev. Billy Graham. BFTW founder Dr. Rochunga Pudaite met Rev. Graham in Glasgow in 1955 where the evangelist was preparing to hold crusades. “Ro” was a young student at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow and had volunteered to help promote the upcoming crusade by the American evangelist.  Ro was surprised to receive phone call inviting him to meet Graham at his hotel.

“I’ve heard reports from various prayer groups that your whole tribe back in India is praying for our crusade in Scotland,” said Graham.

“It is true,” Ro replied.  “My father has organized all-night prayer meetings and a chain of prayer from one village to another.”

“And is it true that your father walked over a hundred miles to read a Bible after he was converted?”

Ro was amazed at just how much was known about him and his people.  He responded to Graham’s question with more of the story of his father’s conversion, the results of a lone missionary introducing him to a Gospel of John.  Ro spoke of his fathers’s efforts to evangelize his tribe of headhunters and of his own quest to translate the Bible into his native Hmar language.

Impressed with Ro’s enthusiasm for translating the Scriptures, Graham offered to sponsor the young man from India to pursue graduate studies at Wheaton College in Illinois.  Accepting the generous offer, Ro was able to enroll at Wheaton in the fall of 1955.  The “rest of the story” is available in Fire on the Hills – The Rochunga Pudaite Story a biography by Joe Musser and Marti Hefley.

John Pudaite, Franklin Graham and Rochunga Pudaite

John Pudaite, Franklin Graham and Rochunga Pudaite

The relationship between the Graham family and the Pudaite family extended to the next generation, as well.  Ro’s son, John, and Billy’s son Franklin, were acquaintances.  Both sons eventually played significant roles in their fathers’ ministries with Franklin Graham eventually taking over the leadership of Samaritan’s Purse and John Pudaite’s appointment as president and CEO of Bibles For The World.

Until his death in 2015, Ro never forgot Billy Graham’s kindness and attributed much of his early ministry success to the example of the evangelist. What a tremendous impact Billy Graham made for God’s Kingdom in countless millions of lives that he influenced through his tireless work proclaiming the Gospel!

Learn the Bible (in a YEAR!)

Bibles For The World launches new initiative to promote Bible knowledge.

“People who READ the Bible have a greater appreciation of the power of God’s Word to transform lives overseas,” says John Pudaite, president of Bibles For The World.  While the ministry focuses the vast majority of its activity across regions of the world where God’s Word is scarce, Pudaite is concerned about the growing level of Bible illiteracy in the United States.

“Because of our focus on the power of God’s Word to transform lives we have a unique opportunity to help foster a new appreciation for the Bible — and to enlist more people in making God’s Word known to unreached peoples.”

Shane Houle

Dr. Shane Houle, author of Learn the Bible in a Year

LBYBook3DBibles For The World is introducing a new book — Learn the Bible in a YEAR — to encourage people across the USA with the message that God’s Word transforms lives.  It’s a collaboration with the book’s author, Dr. Shane W. Houle, whose desire it is that everyone, everywhere should be able to read and understand the most important book ever published.

“When Philip met the Ethiopian gentleman riding in his chariot and reading the prophet Isaiah, he asked, ‘Do you understand what you are reading?’” notes Houle.  “‘How can I,’ the man answered, ‘unless someone explains it to me?’  That’s the premise for this book.  I wanted people to be able to easily understand God’s story from beginning to end.  And I’m delighted that Bibles For The World wants to make the book available to people, not only in the USA, but also in translations around the globe!”

‘We’ve actually launched a series of radio programs based upon the book,” Pudaite notes.  “A new program each day for 365 days walks listeners through the Bible and offers the book to those willing to help provide God’s Word around the world.  This is not just another Bible reading plan…rather it is a Bible learning plan.”  The daily 2-minute radio programs are currently airing on stations across the country and highlight a lesson from Scripture for each day.  You can listen to a sample by clicking here:



As a way for people to see how Learn the Bible in a YEAR can improve Bible knowledge, Bibles For The World is offering a free sampling of the first 30 lessons.  You can learn more here about this unique program:

Click Here to Learn the Bible

Thanks for the Gift of LIGHT!

Response to the need for “gifts of light” in India was overwhelming…  Partner parents and other donors understood the need for solar lanterns to help students in India have light at night for study.  The accompanying photos demonstrate what a difference these simple solar lamps are making already for
the thousands of students enrolled in Bibles For The World’s 30+ Christian schools across northeast India.

THANK YOU to all who participated in this special campaign to provide these most practical Christmas gifts to children and their families.  Also receiving the special gifts were all school staff and administrators, students and staff at Trinity College & Seminary, and the staff at Sielmat Christian Hospital.

Bible Visits Brings Scriptures to Eager Chinese

Colorful ethnic clothing contrasted sharply with the black covered Bible they had just received.  The young Bible students’ smiles told the story, despite the language barrier between them and the visitors who had delivered the most precious of gifts.  These young ladies were just two of hundreds who received newly printed copies of Scriptures that were distributed during Seed Sowers’ Seminars taught by  Bibles For the World during the first two weeks of May in this region of China.

Buoyed by reports of new openness toward Christianity in specific regions of the Communist nation and the sobering fact that more than 180 of the world’s totally unreached people groups are found within China, BFTW president John Pudaite was determined to include China as one of the 120 nations where the ministry has provided Scriptures to people — especially those where there is little or no access to God’s Word.

ChinaScripturesThis initial foray into sharing God’s Word within China was over a year in the making.  It involved finding the right partners who could coordinate outreach in the desired areas within China where research has shown the greatest numbers of unreached people groups are located.  With that basis for reaching out to people in this region, a plan was developed to conduct a series of visits in several locations to encourage existing believers to “be the hands and feet” of Jesus in helping to reach areas where no believers exist.

Seed Sowers’ Seminars have been conducted by Bibles For The World with great success in India and Nepal, with hundreds of attendees composed of pastors and lay leaders from surrounding regions.  This same model applied in China would focus on reaching not only pastors and lay leaders of existing churches, but also students at Bible colleges training for ministry.  Through this combination of ministers and students aspiring to become ministers, BFTW aimed to provide, not only encouragement in using the Gospel of John for outreach, but also the Scriptures, themselves.  Bibles are scarce in southwestern China — and Scripture portions, such as the Gospel of John booklets, are virtually unheard of.

While the strategy was taking shape, ministry partners were working diligently to line up venues and audiences for the events.  This way, when the team members from Bibles For The World landed in China, they could hit the ground running and, with God’s grace and blessing, have the maximum impact possible during a single, brief week of ministry visits.

That is precisely what happened within just five days in the selected region (NOTE: For reasons of confidentiality and security names and locations where these outreaches took place have been changed).

“Pastor Lee” was a significant player in this outreach strategy.  He not only served as host of our small team, but he coordinated ministry outreaches among a group of churches and a  Bible school in the area that had been founded by his father.  A respected leader and passionate speaker and preacher, Lee is also well known to the government authorities responsible for religious affairs in the region.  In fact, he welcomed several government officials to travel with our group to different locations for Bible distribution.

Bible schools in several cities, hundreds of miles apart, were the focal points of visits.  The participants consisted of both the schools’ resident students and dozens of pastors and lay leaders — many of whom traveled dozens, or even hundreds, of kilometers to attend.

Believers in China get a first look at new Bibles and Gospels of John provided by BFTW.

Believers in China get a first look at new Bibles and Gospels of John provided by BFTW.

Significantly, many attendees came from regions where ethnic minorities happen to be close neighbors to precisely the unreached people groups BFTW desires to reach.  They listened intently to the challenges John Pudaite and the other Seminar leaders provided, encouraging them to carry God’s “love letter” (our favorite description of the Gospel of John) to those villages where the name of Jesus Christ is not already known.

“This single book of the Bible transformed my entire tribe in India,” John told the crowds, “and it was all my grandfather had for many years.  Until my father translated the entire Bible into the language of our people, this single book transformed the lives of thousands of Hmar people turning them from headhunters into heart-hunters for Jesus Christ!”

This message resonated with many of those in attendance, some of whom were third and fourth generation believers.  But many of the students were first generation Christians — and the only believers from their villages.  These were particularly excited to learn how they could use the Gospel of John to share His love with their friends, relatives and community members.

Hundreds of men and women attended the Seminars — and received newly printed copies of the Scriptures:  Bibles, reference books and as many copies of the Gospel of John as they could carry to share with others.

Gatherings like the one below provided Bibles and Gospels of John to believers who committed to sharing them with unreached peoples in neighboring villages and towns.

Visits continued among a half dozen churches in remote areas where congregations gathered to receive the precious gifts of God’s Word.  In three days, the BFTW team traveled hundreds of miles to regions where vibrant churches filled with young and old alike were eager to welcome their visitors from the USA who had brought more than enough Bibles  for every person in their congregations — and enough Gospels of John to share with those in their own community and surrounding villages, as well.

Plans are to continue sharing Scriptures in various locations in China as God opens doors.  Please GIVE TO PROVIDE BIBLES FOR CHINA!

Day for the Unreached – May 20, 2018

Pentecost Sunday is the International Day for the Unreached

IDU_LogoBibles For The World is once again part of an alliance of globally focused ministries that is promoting May 20, 2018 as the International Day for the Unreached (IDU).  The intent of IDU is to inform, inspire and mobilize Christians to help reach out to more than 2 billion people around the world who have yet to hear the gospel.

The annual observance is sponsored by the Alliance for the Unreached, a group that includes Reach Beyond, Bibles For The World, Operation Mobilization, Missio Nexus, Mission Network News, Partners InternationalWorld Mission and ZimZam Global.

“Bibles For The World is happy to be involved in calling attention to the billions of people around the globe in desperate need of the good news of Jesus, but who have never heard His name,” said John Pudaite, president and CEO of Bibles For The World.

Each year the Day for the Unreached launches a variety of efforts to raise awareness.  Many major media networks and stations around the country promote the event for weeks leading up to Pentecost Sunday. Pastors around the country are urged to preach sermons on the topic, while small groups focus on Jesus’ command to go to the nations. Individuals have the opportunity to join a 30-day prayer movement, interceding for the salvation of the unreached.

“Last year, we participated in a Facebook broadcast of a 60-minute special program that featured leaders of the Alliance ministries and a special message by author and missions leader David Platt,” Pudaite noted. “Recording artist Phil Stacey was a guest host and provided a mini concert that was really challenging to those who saw the program.”  That program was recorded and is available on Youtube.  Click here to watch Day for the Unreached 2017.

If you’d like to learn more about the plight of unreached peoples or how to get involved, you can download a free Great Commission Action Guide from the website, An abundance of other resources are available at the site, including bulletin inserts, sermon outlines, promotional posters, web banners, videos and radio spots.

Information is also available on the International Day for the Unreached Facebook page at


Turn on the LIGHT for Children in India

You Can Help Provide the Gift of LIGHT to Dispel the Darkness in India!

Turn on the light.  The darkness that shrouds your home at night gives way to the warm glow of a reading lamp — or a nice, shaded table lamp ideal for watching TV.

Light pushes away darkness and the fears that sometimes accompany inky, black nights.

You and I are accustomed to flipping a switch that makes this magic happen every evening when the sun slips below the horizon.  But for the thousands of children attending Bibles For The World’s schools in India — children sponsored by friends like you — their family homes are typically lit by nothing more than a feeble candle or two, or the dim light of a small cooking fire that peeks through the doorway.  If the family is better off than most, a single kerosene lantern might offer comfort from the darkness.  Imagine trying to work — or STUDY! — in those conditions!

While these children’s days are illuminated by the Light of Christ as they study God’s Word in school, their nights at home may be spent in virtual darkness.  Darkness that makes it practically impossible to work on their lessons for school.
Our goal is to improve the value of Christian education for every student in BFTW’s schools in India.  So let’s “turn on the light” for the thousands of sponsored children and their families who can’t afford even one electric light that would make life (and study) so much easier.
Please consider giving an immensely practical Christmas gift this year that will bless children in poverty — and their entire family, as well.

The kids in the photo are holding a solar-powered lamp.  It’s designed to help dispel the darkness in the most rugged and remote locations — which makes it the perfect gift for your child(ren) and his or her family.  Though it may not sound like the most glamorous gift for a needy child, it will be one of the most precious gifts they might ever receive.
Whether lighting up a home or providing light when walking at night, it provides four to eight hours of bright, LED light powered by the sun.  The gift of perpetual, self-renewing light.

To provide one solar-powered lamp costs only $18.00.  So, if you can give just $36 you will “turn on the light” two students and their families.
What a blessing it would be for thousands of families to receive this simple, effective and life-changing gift!

Will you please consider giving this special Christmas gift — and turning on the LIGHT for families in India?

Click Here to Help!


Update on Seiboi — God is Working Miracles!

You may have read the earlier post about Seiboi, a young father who had a tragic accident while working that left him paralyzed and bedridden — Provide Healing and HOPE for this Young Man

By the grace of God, Seiboi has improved daily with the help of a physiotherapist who has decided to treat the young father at Sielmat Christian Hospital so he would not have to journey to treatment he and his family could not affordThis physiotherapist has been working with him for a couple of months, and he is now able to sit in a wheelchair and wheel himself!  Praise God!

Please keep praying for more improvement.  Physicians don’t expect him to walk again, but we know that with God all things are possible!

Here is what YOU can do to help: Funds are needed forSeiboi to continue to work with the therapist. We trust God that He will send help and bless him — but would appreciate any help you might provide.  

You can give to help provide physical therapy for Seiboi!  Please take a moment and ask the Lord what you can do to help.  THANK YOU!

Click Here to Help!


Partnering to Build Schools in India

The Just Let Me Learn foundation is a valued partner with Bibles For The World in bringing Christian education to children and families in remote villages in India.  Mrs. Sandy Nelson and her son, Dean, have made a powerful difference through their efforts to help build schools that are serving hundreds of children.  Dean also heads a group of tech professionals called Infrastructure Masons, which has contributed heavily to these school-building efforts.

One of the founding principles of Infrastructure Masons is to Give Back. In the video below we travel to the remote mountains of Northeastern India to visit a village called Sesawng. This is where the Just Let Me Learn foundation has just completed their second school. Infrastructure Masons donated $50,000 dollars which they raised at their Inaugural Networking event last May. This made them them the largest single donor for this project. Infrastructure Masons agreed to let Bibles For The World show members, supporters, sponsors and the world how this donation will change the lives of children today and for many years to come.


Provide Healing and HOPE for this Young Man

This from Mrs. Lawm Pudaite, administrator of Sielmat Christian Hospital…

Mr Seikhogin Seiboi hails from a small village calleLajangphai in the outskirts of Churachandpur district, Manipur. He has five brothers and three sisters. He is the second eldest of all. He is a 27 year old divorcee and has a six years old son named Thangboilen. Seiboie graduated from college in 2011 and holds a bachelor of commerce degree. Due to poverty he could not pursue further studies

As he comes from a poor family, to earn for his son‘s education and to supplement his family income Seiboi went to Delhi to work in a private company. It was during this time that he had a tragic accident with long-lasting consequences. On September 27, 2015 he fell from a four storey building while sitting on the railing. This accident resulted in paralysis of his lower limbs due to severe spinal injury. Ahis family was poor they could not efford to take him to a good hospital nor consult with a medical specialist. As a result, Seiboi was confined to bed full time. Lack of proper medical care worsened his conditionHe suffered from depression and was frustrated and began to lose all hope. He blamed God for all that had happened to him. He also started developing bed sores.

On October 2016 a team from the World Race came to India and stationed at Sielmat. During their involvement in the Lord‘s ministry, a medical camp in collaboration with Sielmat Christian Hospital was held at Lajangphai village where Seiboi lives. The team met him and thLord touched their hearts. Seiboi was brought to Sielmat Christian Hospital for a medical checkup during the free medical camp held at the hospital. He was admitted so that he could receive the assistance of the medical staff at the hospital. 

By the grace of God, Seiboi improved daily and his bed sores are healed completely. But, unfortunately, full recovery and walking is not expected without a miraculous intervention from God. The best he can expect is sitting on a wheelchair after regular physiotherapy. After five months of hospitalization the young father  is now discharged from hospital. However doctors advised him to go for further treatment with a good physiotherapist. We’re praying that Seikhogin will completely recover — and we’re grateful to the World Race Team for their generosity and prayer support. 

But here is what YOU can do to help:  Seiboi’s family does not have the financial means for him to work with a physiotherapist. The Sielmat Christian hospital team is once again praying and seeking God’s help to help Seiboi for his further treatment. We trust God that He will send help and bless him — but would appreciate any help you might provide.  

You can give to help provide physical therapy for Seiboi!

Click Here to Help!


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