Bibles For The World is a catalyst for individual
and cultural transformation through
Christ and the power of God's Word

While the Bible remains the most popular, most read book across the globe, more than 2 billion people have never had a chance to read God’s Word. That’s why BFTW works to provide Scriptures in regions where there is little or no access to the Bible.

Since 1973, when the Partnership Mission Society became Bibles For The World, friends and partners like you have helped provide God’s Word to people in 123 Nations in a variety of forms — New Testaments, Gospels, and full Bibles.  You can have a dramatic impact by helping place Scriptures in hands that are eager to read the life-transforming message of God’s love and forgiveness!

Bibles For The World works in areas where there is restricted access to God’s Word, where copies are scarce or among peoples where Christianity is beginning to take root — such as Nepal, Cambodia, areas of India and other Asian and SE Asian nations.  We often provide copies of the New Testament or Gospels of John, like the ones pictured at right.

Number of Nations Where BFTW Has Provided Scriptures in People's Native Languages

BFTW's 3 Ministry "Pillars"


People like you have provided tens of millions of people with God’s Word in their own language.  
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You can find great satisfaction in sponsoring children and students who benefit from Christian education at all levels.  
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Learn how your help can make medical care affordable for people in poverty throughout northeast India through our Sielmat Christian Hospital and Mobile Medical Clinics.
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Bibles For The World has extensive ministry outreaches in India, the homeland of founders Rochunga and Mawii Pudaite.  

Forty-three Christian schools, a college and seminary, and a full-service Christian hospital serve thousands of families in towns and villages throughout Manipur state in Northeast India. 

Videos here provide a brief look into the impact of the ministry in this region and around the world. 

“Placing God’s Word in the hands of people where Bibles are scarce or completely unavailable is the challenge we face.  Completing the Great Commission is dependent upon people having access to the Gospel”

John L. Pudaite – President & CEO, Bibles For The World

What people say about Bibles For The World

For more than 60 years, people like you have partnered with Bibles For The World to impact people’s lives across the globe through the power of God’s Word.  Below are a few testimonials from long-time partners and friends:

Int'l Day for the Unreached

An invitation from John L. Pudaite, President & CEO

"You can play a role in transforming people's hearts and lives across the globe -- where they are un-reached or under-reached by the Gospel. Bibles For The World offers many projects and programs through which you can make a difference. Or you can have a direct impact by sponsoring one or more children, students or leaders in India. I hope you'll consider becoming a Partner with Bibles For The World!"

Bibles For The World is pleased to be a member of The Alliance for the Unreached, which works to promote the International Day for the Unreached.   Our purpose is to inspire and mobilize Christians to reach out to the more than 3-billion people who have yet to hear the gospel message. Learn more about the unreached and download a free “Great Commission Action Guide” at http://dayfortheunreached.org.

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