Loss of a Friend

Bibles For The World joins with millions of Christ-followers in mourning the loss of Ravi Zacharias, who passed away May 19 after a brief battle with sarcoma, a very aggressive cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Dr. Ravi came to faith through the ministry of Youth for Christ. Since that moment, he dedicated his life as a servant for God, spreading the Gospel and sharing his wisdom on apologetics around the globe. His home going was a bittersweet event for Bibles For The World president and CEO John L. Pudaite. “Ravi and my dad, Rochunga […]

CARE Packages for Families in India

While the corona virus has raced across the globe, it has left in its wake different kinds of suffering. For many, it has been the “inconvenience” of sheltering in place. Others have faced weeks of painful symptoms and hospitalization. And, tragically, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. Some regions, however, tend to suffer more than others — especially those where millions live in extreme poverty, where the loss of even a meager income can mean devastation to a family. That is the case in NE India, where Bibles For The World’s many ministry activities are focused. BFTW employs nearly […]

Sielmat Christian Hospital Prepares for COVID-19

For decades, Bibles For The World has helped meet the healthcare needs of the poor in its home region in Manipur, NE India. Sielmat Christian Hospital treats thousands of patients each year for a variety of injuries, diseases and preventive actions. The Hospital has been directed by the Manipur state government to prepare 10 beds in an isolation ward for a possible outbreak of COVID-19 in the state.  This order has been complied with, though the Hospital is severely lacking in the equipment/supplies to fully comply. As India has now gone into a 21-day lockdown until April 15, there is […]