Bibles For Bogota Blesses Thousands

Bibles For The World was pleased to provide Spanish-language Gospels of John to attendees of the Luis Palau Association’s Festival Outreach to Bogota, Colombia, in August. More than 50,000 people received these copies of special edition Gospels of John printed especially for this outreach!  The effort brought together more than 850 churches and trained more than 12,000 local followers of Christ – all focused on a week-long campaign to saturate the city and surrounding region with the Gospel.

Bogota2“This was a special chance to participate in a truly historic event in Colombia,” said John Pudaite, Bibles For The World president.  “Luis Palau first preached in Bogota back in 1966, so the return to the Colombian city marked a special anniversary.  It was a pleasure to be able to provide God’s Word to thousands of people who came to the events of the Palau Festival.”

Due to his continuing struggle with cancer, Luis Palau was unable to attend the weeklong event — but his son Andrew, himself a world evangelist, preached to crowds that numbered in the tens of thousands. Bibles For The World has provided Scriptures for a number of Andrew’s evangelistic outreaches in Africa and the Caribbean, so this was a natural fit for the two ministries to work together.  And God truly blessed the collaborative effort as the Festival recorded nearly 20,000 decisions for Christ by attendees!

The Scriptures provided in Bogota were made possible by the contributions of many partners and friends of Bibles For The World who gave generously to reach people in Colombia who have struggled through decades of civil unrest, economic challenges and the drug trade.

“We’re so grateful for our partners who stepped up to help bring a revival to the people of Colombia,” said Pudaite.  “We’re praying that the enthusiasm for the Gospel that drew so many thousands to the Palau Festival will continue for years to come — and that the Gospel message will transform the lives of many thousands more.” [Photos by Brad Person, courtesy of the Luis Palau Association]


Being a Blessing

IMG-20180322-WA0001When the opportunity comes to be a blessing to others, you take it.  Bibles For The World provided such an opportunity to a group of World Racers and a group from Project Cure last week.  The groups combined with staff from Sielmat Christian Hospital to bless the lives of thousands of residents of Churachandpur, a community in northeast India’s Manipur State.  A free Medical Camp was held to provide services and treatments to people in poverty who would, otherwise, be unable to afford medical care.

“We had quite a four-day event,” said John Pudaite, president of Bibles For The World.  “And we’re very grateful for the volunteers both from Project Cure and from World Race who came a very long way to India to help with this outreach.

For a quick look at the impact of this event, please take a look at the video below, prepared by World Racer Bernadette Beacham.


Remembering Billy Graham

Billy Graham in Hampden Stadium

Billy Graham preaches at Hampden Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1955. Photos courtesy of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Bibles For The World joins with millions to mourn the passing of Rev. Billy Graham. BFTW founder Dr. Rochunga Pudaite met Rev. Graham in Glasgow in 1955 where the evangelist was preparing to hold crusades. “Ro” was a young student at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow and had volunteered to help promote the upcoming crusade by the American evangelist.  Ro was surprised to receive phone call inviting him to meet Graham at his hotel.

“I’ve heard reports from various prayer groups that your whole tribe back in India is praying for our crusade in Scotland,” said Graham.

“It is true,” Ro replied.  “My father has organized all-night prayer meetings and a chain of prayer from one village to another.”

“And is it true that your father walked over a hundred miles to read a Bible after he was converted?”

Ro was amazed at just how much was known about him and his people.  He responded to Graham’s question with more of the story of his father’s conversion, the results of a lone missionary introducing him to a Gospel of John.  Ro spoke of his fathers’s efforts to evangelize his tribe of headhunters and of his own quest to translate the Bible into his native Hmar language.

Impressed with Ro’s enthusiasm for translating the Scriptures, Graham offered to sponsor the young man from India to pursue graduate studies at Wheaton College in Illinois.  Accepting the generous offer, Ro was able to enroll at Wheaton in the fall of 1955.  The “rest of the story” is available in Fire on the Hills – The Rochunga Pudaite Story a biography by Joe Musser and Marti Hefley.

John Pudaite, Franklin Graham and Rochunga Pudaite

John Pudaite, Franklin Graham and Rochunga Pudaite

The relationship between the Graham family and the Pudaite family extended to the next generation, as well.  Ro’s son, John, and Billy’s son Franklin, were acquaintances.  Both sons eventually played significant roles in their fathers’ ministries with Franklin Graham eventually taking over the leadership of Samaritan’s Purse and John Pudaite’s appointment as president and CEO of Bibles For The World.

Until his death in 2015, Ro never forgot Billy Graham’s kindness and attributed much of his early ministry success to the example of the evangelist. What a tremendous impact Billy Graham made for God’s Kingdom in countless millions of lives that he influenced through his tireless work proclaiming the Gospel!

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