Protect Kids in India from Mosquitoes!

One of the most significant threats to children in India is about the size of a dime and, seemingly,  lighter than air.  Of course, we’re talking about the mosquito.

According to the World Health Organization, the mosquito is worst of all disease-spreading insects. Responsible for the passing of malaria, dengue and yellow fever, lymphatic filariasis, Zika virus, and Japanese encephalitis, the threat of a mosquito bite can be far more severe than many people realize. The mosquito is linked to about 750,000 human deaths per year, far more than any other animal or bug, yet so few people have access to the simple resources they need in order to be protected against them.

HYDERABAD, INDIA: An Indian woman carries vegetables on her head as she passes by a warning board for the dengue fever part of an awareness campaign launched by the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad, in India's southern state of Andhra Pradesh, 09 October 2006. Reports have it that the dengue fever has now spread to 18 of the 27 Indian states and claimed 49 lives as 3,331 cases of the mosquito-borne virus were reported across the country. AFP PHOTO/ NOAH SEELAM (Photo credit should read NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images)

HYDERABAD, INDIA: An Indian woman carries vegetables on her head as she passes by a warning board for the dengue fever. Reports have it that the dengue fever has now spread to 18 of the 27 Indian states and claimed 49 lives as 3,331 cases of the mosquito-borne virus were reported across the country.  (NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images)

Bibles For The World provides Christian education for some 10,000 children and students across northeast India.  The vast majority of those are youngsters who attend the 35 schools that BFTW runs to serve their remote communities — and disease carrying mosquitoes are a way of life for every child and his or her family.  Sadly, many children in these regions have already contracted cases of Japanese encephalitis.

That’s why Bibles For The World has mounted a campaign to help protect thousands of children and their families with a simple, yet effective gift — a mosquito net!

Though it may not sound like the most glamorous gift for a needy child, what a blessing it would be to children and their families — especially because so many think something as simple as a mosquito net is an unaffordable luxury.

With your help, every student can take home a mosquito net just as the rainy season begins, helping to ensure that they and their families will be protected.  It will be a gift that keeps giving — providing safety and peace of mind that so many families don’t currently have.

But here is what will make an even greater gift  . . .

Only about one-third of all our students are blessed to have sponsors. That means a very large number of young people would NOT receive the protection of a net — UNLESS we can help provide it for them as a special Christmas gift.  Here’s how you can help:

To provide one mosquito net large enough to protect a family costs only $12.00.

So, if you can give just $24 you will provide protection not only for a sponsored student and his or her family, but also for another student and family, as well!

What a blessing it would be for ALL the young people in BFTW’s schools to have this simple, effective protection from life-threatening disease for their families.

If you would like to help with this special project, you can click below to give online today!

Click Here to Protect a Child!



Bringing Hope to Refugees…

RefugeeIStockBibles For The World is working together with Operation Mobilization (OM) in Germany to help bring God’s Word to refugees from the Middle East who are pouring into that nation after fleeing violence and persecution in Iraq and Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people have struggled to find peace and hope within Germany’s refugee settlements. Can God’s Word make a difference for them?

“There is a tremendous need for the truth of God’s Word in these refugee camps,” says Hermann Schallenberg, OM’s contact in Germany.  “People are eager to learn about Jesus — we simply need to help them by sharing the Gospel.”

Bibles For The World is working with OM to print and provide German/Arabic parallel translations of New Testament Scriptures, beginning with Gospels of Luke, to help refugees understand the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  This project will touch tens of thousands of men, women and children who are desperate to find hope within the seeming hopelessness of the refugee camps and settlements.

Please pray that gifts of God’s Word will have a dramatic impact on the lives of those who’ve suffered so much — and who still face so many uncertainties!  One man, a father of four, said simply, “Being a refugee is like being in quicksand.  I feel like I’m sinking further and further.”

If you can help meet the need for God’s Word among the refugees, please click here…  Thank you!


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Easter a Special Time for New Believers

The weeks leading up to Easter have been a busy time for John and Mawii Pudaite and members of a Bibles For The World team of pastors and teachers!  BFTW conducted a series of Seed Sower’s Seminars during the two weeks before Easter — one in Imphal, Manipur, India and two more in Nepal — in Kathmandu and in Dhadingbesi.

Altogether, some 400 local pastors and lay leaders attended the seminars, which provided training and encouragement based upon the Gospel of John.  The majority of those in attendance — especially those in Nepal — are first generation Christians who were eager to celebrate their very first Easter Sunday.  However, many also endured great hardship to attend, especially those who traveled to Dhadingbesi in north central Nepal.  About 40 of those traveled on foot for three days before they reached a town where public transportation was available to cary them the rest of the way to the Seminar’s location.

When asked how many lost homes in last year’s earthquake, nearly everyone raised their hands.  But, they also indicated that the destruction opened many doors for local churches to express their love and concern for fellow villagers — and the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to them.  As at all Seed Sowers’ Seminars, Bibles For The World distributed thousands of copies of Nepali Gospels of John for attenders to take back to their villages for evangelism purposes.

Upon returning to India, John Pudaite was part of a baptism service for new Meitei believers who were eager to celebrate Easter by being baptized!

Thank you for your continued prayers for these ministry outreaches in India and Nepal.

Bibles For The World Promotes Day For The Unreached

Day for the Unreached – May 15

Bibles For The World is part of an alliance of globally focused ministries that has designated May 15, 2016, as the International Day for the Unreached, a one-day event intended to inspire and mobilize Christians to reach out to more than 2 billion people around the world who have yet to hear the gospel.

The event, announced during a press conference at the annual National Religious Broadcasters convention February 25 in Nashville, is sponsored by the Alliance for the Unreached, a group that includes Reach Beyond, Bibles For The World, Operation Mobilization, The Seed Company and Missio Nexus.

“We want to remind people that there are literally billions of people around the globe in desperate need of the good news of Jesus, but have never heard His name or story. We’re called to bring it to them,” said Wayne Pederson, Reach Beyond president.

Scores of Christian leaders are urging people to get involved. Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren made a direct appeal to all Christians:

“With more than 2 billion people who haven’t had a chance to meet Jesus, it’s time for the Body of Christ to take a radical stand and say, ‘This has to end in our generation.’ Join me in committing to pray, give, go, and advocate for those who need to know Christ by participating in the International Day for the Unreached.”

The Day for the Unreached will include a variety of efforts to raise awareness.

Many major media networks and stations around the country will promote the event for weeks leading up to May 15. Pastors around the country are urged to preach sermons on the topic, while small groups focus on Jesus’ command to go to the nations. Individuals will also be called to join a 30-day prayer movement, interceding for the salvation of the unreached.

People interested in learning more about the unreached or to get involved can download a free Great Commission Action Guide from the website, An abundance of other resources will soon be available at the site, including bulletin inserts, sermon outlines, promotional posters, web banners, videos and radio spots.

Information is also available on the International Day for the Unreached Facebook page at

Perhaps it’s fitting that The International Day for the Unreached falls on Pentecost Sunday, the day the Holy Spirit came upon the first followers of Jesus, empowering and charging them to share the gospel with people from all over the world.

“Thousands of people heard God’s Word preached in their own language on that day, and more than 3,000 were added to the number of believers, said John L. Pudaite, president of Bibles For The World. “Let’s not forget that the return of Christ is tied to every nation hearing the good news. We’re not saying we can usher in the Second Coming. But we can be a part of a last days move of God that is foretold in scripture. And that’s both a privilege and a profound responsibility.”

Individuals, churches and media outlets can learn about creative ways to participate in the International Day for the Unreached by visiting

Bibles For The World Achieves Silver Status

PrintBibles For The World today achieved the Silver GuideStar Nonprofit Profile level. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information about nonprofit organizations and a leader in advancing transparency in the nonprofit sector. This level demonstrates Bibles For The World’s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability.

“We have worked hard to showcase our progress toward our mission, and our long-held belief in being transparent about our work, to our constituents,” said Jeff McLinden, BFTW vice president. “As a GuideStar Silver participant, we use their platform to share a wealth of up-to-date information about our work to our supporters and to GuideStar’s immense online audience of nonprofits, grantmakers, individual donors, and the media.”

In order to be awarded the GuideStar logo, Bibles For The World had to fill out every required field of our nonprofit profile page on

“I encourage you to check out our profile on GuideStar to see what we’re all about,” added McLinden. “We are engaged in exciting initiatives, and we are thrilled to have another platform for communicating our advancement and progress.”

About GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles

The GuideStar database contains a profile for every tax-exempt nonprofit registered with the IRS. GuideStar invites nonprofits to update their profiles at no cost to the organizations. Updating allows nonprofits to share a wealth of up-to-date information with the millions of people who visit GuideStar to learn more about nonprofit organizations and the more than 120 sites and applications that use GuideStar data. To earn a logo, an organization needs to complete all required fields for that participation level. The GuideStar logos, acknowledged as symbols of transparency in the nonprofit sector, are displayed on all updated participants’ profiles in the GuideStar database.

International Day of the Bible Impacts Capital

As part of the coalition of ministries that sponsored the International Day of the Bible, Bibles For The World was pleased to note the impact of the celebration of God’s Word across the United States — but particularly in the nation’s Capital!  People gathered to simply read passages from the Bible, beginning in Genesis, to celebrate the Scripture’s power to transform not only individual lives, but also entire cultures.  This brief vide from International Day of the Bible and the National Bible Museum provides a quick overview of the celebration in Washington DC.

BFTW Joins Ministries to Promote Int’l Day of the Bible

A coalition of some of the top Bible ministries are partnering to promote International Day of the Bible on Monday, November 23. The National Bible Association, the American Bible Society, Bibles For The World, YouVersion, and Bible Gateway are inviting people across the globe to participate by creatively expressing their appreciation of the Bible via social media.

“We’re thrilled with the reception to the launch of International Day of the Bible,” says Richard Glickstein, President of the National Bible Association and the founder of this one day celebration. “We encourage everyone from faith groups to performing artists as well as business, sports, community and religious leaders to participate. People can share their appreciation of God’s Word via social media or in public at noon in their local time zones. Honoring God’s Word and asking Him to bless our nations and bring peace to the world is particularly apt in this period of great turmoil.”

The Bible is is the best-selling book of all time, with Guinness World Records indicating that over five billion copies have been sold. The entire Bible has been translated into 531 languages, and 2883 languages have at least some portion of the Bible.

Glickstein suggests simply reading a favorite passage with family, friends, co-workers and schoolmates, with no commentary or sermonizing. He encourages people to read the Bible out loud in public using social media to capture and share with others.

186_powerofthewordJohn Pudaite, President of Bibles For The World said, “I am very excited to see this event grow. God’s Word is foundational, not only to our culture in the United States, but also to cultures across the globe. Not only is the message of the Bible transformational – it profoundly changes people’s lives. I can’t think of a better way to acknowledge the power of God’s Word than to simply read it aloud in public.”

As a new feature of the event this year, Bibles For The World is launching a “40 Days of the Bible” radio outreach featuring brief stories of the power of God’s Word to change lives. Countless thousands of listeners to Christian radio will be encouraged to visit from October 19 through November 23 to learn more about how they can participate in this special celebration day.

Everyone can share their event with the world by utilizing their social media.

Hashtag: #BibleCelebration

Twitter: (@IntlDayofBible)


Instagram: @IntlDayofBible

UPDATE on Situation in Manipur

This is the most recent update on the civil unrest in Manipur, India.

Because of the demonstrations and violence that erupted in September, BFTW’s schools in the area of Sielmat including Trinity College & Seminary and Selma Christian High School had been temporarily closed.  Selma Christian Hospital has continued to operate through the difficulties, often treating those injured during demonstrations and transferring those patients to government hospitals.

The following is a report by Ronny Pakh and John Pudaite, who are currently traveling in India with the World Race team:

Schools have been allowed to resume classes since last Monday (September 28). However, in view of curfew relaxation between 5am and 2pm, most schools have moved their timing 2 to 3 hrs earlier to compensate for the the loss of afternoon class hours.

The 9 dead bodies — early victims of the violence — continue to remain in the morgue. We understand that some tribal representatives have gone to meet Home Ministry officials in Delhi seeking help to resolve current issues that have crippled the hill areas of Manipur since August 31. The public, apparently, will wait for the outcome of this meeting.

Women volunteers continue to picket peacefully during curfew hours.

A solution to the problem is still not in sight to this day. Churches are praying. Community leaders are doing their best to keep the crowd sensible even as they continue to protest against the three recently introduced bills that sparked the demonstrations and subsequent violence.

Please continue to pray for peaceful resolution to these challenges in Manipur!

World Racers Get Busy!

MedicalClinicThe 50+ members of the World Race team that descended on Bibles For The World’s ministry outreaches in India wasted no time getting busy to help!

Aided by 26 members of the World Race, a medical team from Sielmat Christian Hospital held a Free Medical Camp at Saiphai English School. In total, 506 patients were treated, from the school children, families, and other members of the village/area.  Many families in the area have children sponsored by BFTW “Partner Parents” and were eager participants at the medical camp.

Moving-Bricks-at-Chaltathol-for-the-ChurchAnother team got their hands a bit dirtier as they worked to help transport bricks for a building project.  The Evangelical Free Church of India at Chaltathol is building a new sanctuary with the help of BFTW partners — AND the willing hands of these members of the World Race team!



Update on Manipur Violence

This most recent report on the violence that closed BFTW’s schools in Manipur, India was provided on September 23 by one of Bibles For The World’s staff in India, Rohny Pakh:

So far, the worst effected area appears to be Ccp town area. Schools within the proper town have been altogether shut down. And it looks like until they hear something  concrete from the central government, it looks like things would remain this way including keeping the 9 dead bodies in the morgue, sit in protest, clamping of curfew, etc.

LTL being in the interior area, is known to be having classes as usual. So is also rest of the PMS schools in Tipaimukh and Vangai area.

As far as PMs schools in other states are concerned, things are moving normally.

So is also with churches within Ccp town area. Most churches have stopped regular worship program. However, they remain opened for those who wish to pray individually or in group. Sept beiruol program has been suspended, too.

Churches in other areas are not reported to be affected.

Yesterday, we heard internal security secretary from Home Ministry came and visited Ccp. However, nothing on the outcome of the said visit  is yet known.

TCS is also known to have suspended classes as well. 

As for Sielmat Christian Hospital, it is functioning. However, business may drop significantly as curfew/bandh has been imposed for significant hour on a daily basis.




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