Expand the Reach of the Gospel

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It still seems unfathomable that large portions of the world’s population remain unreached with the Gospel… Take a look at the map above.  The red dots indicate the locations of identifiable people groups with at least 5,000 people that have yet to be reached with the message of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. “How can it be,” people are inclined to ask, “that after two centuries the work of the Great Commission is not yet completed?” It’s a valid question.  What is shocking is the sheer number of unreached people groups — and the total population — of […]

Update on Seiboi — God is Working Miracles!

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You may have read the earlier post about Seiboi, a young father who had a tragic accident while working that left him paralyzed and bedridden — Provide Healing and HOPE for this Young Man By the grace of God, Seiboi has improved daily with the help of a physiotherapist who has decided to treat the young father at Sielmat Christian Hospital so he would not have to journey to treatment he and his family could not afford. This physiotherapist has been working with him for a couple of months, and he is now able to sit in a wheelchair and wheel himself!  Praise God! Please keep praying for more improvement.  Physicians don’t expect […]

Is Bibles For The World’s Child Sponsorship Ministry In India in Danger?

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Recent developments in India have had consequences for a number of ministry groups that have outreaches to Indian people.  The most visible of these is Compassion International, which was recently forced to withdraw its support for some 148,000 children sponsored by Compassion partners. What does this mean for Bibles For The World? The news in India isn’t completely dire. For more than 50 years, Bibles For The World, headquartered in Colorado Springs, has provided a sponsorship program to assist children living in poverty in India. While our program differs quite a bit from that offered by other ministries, we have continued to […]