Bible Projects

Bible Projects

Providing Bibles to the millions of literate people who have never heard of Jesus is a formidable task.  You can make sure people across the globe have access to the Holy Bible in their own language by partnering with Bibles For The World.  We distribute God’s Word in many languages where people have little or no access to Bibles.

Bibles are in extremely short supply in China — but BFTW is working to provide hundreds of thousands of people with their own copy of God’s Word in simplified Mandarin.  You can help encourage Chinese believers by contributing toward the gift of God’s Word!  Please visit here to help!


BFTW is providing 3 million Gospels and John and Nepali New Testaments to help people discover God’s love in this emerging nation where people are hungry for the Gospel!


BFTW is providing 30,000 Gospels of John and John and 3,000 Bibles to help people in Uttar Pradesh discover God’s love in this region of India where people have had little exposure to the Gospel!

church in uttar pradesh

Building on previous success in Burkina Faso, BFTW works with the Luis Palau Association to provide hundreds of thousands of Gospels of John for Festival Outreaches in the African nation of Cote d’Ivoire!


BFTW is providing 50,000 – 100,000 copies of Thai New Testaments and Gospels of John for responders to Christian radio broadcasts.  A collaborative project with Reach Beyond!


Working with multiple ministry partners to provide thousands of Spanish language Bibles and Study Bibles for pastors and churches that have had little access to God’s Word for decades!


Ministry partner Window International Network is distributing thousands of BFTW-supplied Bibles to pastors and lay leaders in this region of Africa that has been torn by civil war — and is resisting efforts by radical Islam to gain a foothold!


Hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern nations have poured into Europe.  Bibles For The World has provided tens of thousands with special Scriptures and Scripture-based booklets to help demonstrate the love of God to these disillusioned, displaced families.


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