This #GivingTuesday — December 1 — you can help provide God’s Word to people in several regions of China…

One significant event that HASN’T changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic is GIVING TUESDAY 2020 — that special day in the midst of so-called “consumer holidays”, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While those post-Thanksgiving, consumer-focused shopping days promise great deals on everything from DVDs to smart TVs, Giving Tuesday provides an outlet for more charitably-minded folks to give to their favorite nonprofit organization.

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A movement that began in 2012 to help boost the incomes of charitable institutions by promoting charitable giving, the annual campaign has grown dramatically in recent years with millions of people participating. In 2019 alone, $519,000,000 was given in the United States just in ONLINE giving! Counting both online and offline donations, nearly TWO BILLION dollars were generated to help charitable causes!

Bibles For The World participates in the #GIVING TUESDAY movement and encourages friends and partners to consider donating on Tuesday, December 1. Your contributions will help provide God’s Word to people in the most populous nation on earth where Bibles are least available for people to read in their own language — the nation of CHINA! In fact, there are only eight bookstores across the entire nation of 1.4 BILLION people where Bibles are available for purchase. Some Christian believers in China have waited for decades for the opportunity to own a personal copy of God’s Word.

But your help this #GivingTuesday — Tuesday December 1 — can help provide Scriptures to people in several regions of China. Since 2017, Bibles For The World has provided more than ONE MILLION copies of Gospels of John in simplified Mandarin, plus tens of thousands of complete Bibles, in mainland China. Your help this Giving Tuesday can help reach thousands more! CLICK HERE TO HELP!

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