Nationals Reaching Nationals

Support a National Worker

Since the beginning of Partnership Ministries in 1959, we have been concentrating our efforts to train and use Asian nationals to reach and minister to their own people as pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists, medical personnel and more.

Why are nationals reaching nationals more effective?

– They are more skilled in the use of their own language.
– They are accustomed to the culture and the climate.
– They are better fitted to testify to their own people about their personal experience with Jesus Christ.
– They can live on a smaller income than a worker from a more affluent culture.
– They cannot be expelled from their own country, and so will remain if foreign workers are asked to leave.

You can either give full support for a National Worker, or share the support with others.

Full support ranges from $150-500 per month, depending on the area the missionary is located. You can help share in the monthly support for only $50 a month.

You can accept responsibility for the support of a Christian national who will take your place as a witness for Christ among his own people in India.

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