Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship helps provide the precious gift of Christ-centered education to young people in India through Bibles For The World’s “Partner Parents” program.

For the hundreds of  boys, girls and young men and women in India, your help is what makes all the difference in preparing them to be salt and light  for the Gospel’s sake within their families and communities.  Without help like yours, these young people simply would not 

have the blessing of educational help, and of material support, that can help them realize all that God has intended for them.

As a Partner Parent, your special help — and your prayers — will encourage your student to work hard to realize their God-given potential.  You can be a powerful force in helping to grow godly young men and women who, collectively, can have a significant impact on their communities, on India and on the world!

Please become a Partner Parent...

The impact you can have on a young person’s life will be profound.  The video here will show you how you’ll create a life-long relationship with your sponsored student.  

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