Overview of the Bible – Part 3

The final section of our overview of Scripture is the culmination of God’s plan – the most exciting part of the story! The Bible timeline has covered more than two thousand years, but these final five sections begin to accelerate God’s story following the exile of the Jews to Babylon.   The Bible’s Storyline Comes to a Conclusion… 11. The Restoration: When the king of Persia defeated Babylon, he allowed the Jews to return home (539 BC), just as God had said. Many stayed behind, but those who went back rebuilt the temple and tried to follow God. They were a tiny fraction […]

Overview of the Bible – Part 1

Understanding the Bible should be the goal of every believer in Christ.  But, unfortunately, too many people give little time to actual Bible study.  Bible verses or books are picked at random to read because they are popular or they speak to a situation the reader is going through.   Your understanding of God’s Word will take on an exciting and enriching dynamic when you learn the “larger story” of Scripture and how ALL of the Bible fits into a narrative that starts “in the beginning” and ends with the Revelation written by the Apostle John. The 66 books of the Bible are […]