Trips to India or Nepal? Let’s Go!

Visiting India and Nepal is life-changing both for you and the people you encounter.

When a few members of the team that recently visited Nepal were in the town of Pokhara, they were graciously invited into the home of a Hindu family who happened to live next to one of the local missionaries with whom BFTW partners.

Dakota-NepaliSponsorPicKingSponsorsAs the visitors chatted with this woman and her three daughters, she kept repeating, “I just can’t believe you are in my home. I can’t believe you came all the way from the United States and are sitting here with us.”

One team member replied simply, “God planned for us to be here. He would send us all the way from the United States just to tell you He loves you.”

On a BFTW missions trip you will travel with plans and purpose, but sometimes your sheer presence is the grandest message of God’s love to the people of India and Nepal.
You might have a passion to meet practical needs through medical outreach, have the desire to pour love into some of BFTW’s thousands of sponsored kids (and maybe even meet the ones you support!), or want to help equip and encourage national pastors and missionaries who are reaching their own communities

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Special Invitation to Pastors:

If you are from the U.S. or Canada and would like to represent your church on a mission trip, you may be eligible for scholarship funds.  Please click here to learn more…